The varied and often hilly terrain may provide a challenge for keen cyclists, but there are flatter areas that provide great cycling for families and more leisurely cyclists.Off-road cycle tracks provide some exciting prospects for mountain biking on Exmoor.


A new map has just been produced for off-road cyclists, giving graded trails for mountain bikes, with easy green trails for the less serious cyclist, up to severe black trails for expert mountain bikers who will relish technical challenges.There is no doubt that cycling is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways for a healthy lifestyle, so why not try out the many cycling routes we have to offer on Exmoor?Mountain biking and cycling on Exmoor is growing in popularity where some of the most spectacular scenery to be enjoyed in the South West of England.Bring your cycle and enjoy Exmoor’s absence of traffic and explore its peaceful roads winding through magnificent countryside. Choose between higher routes for fabulous views or the valleys for some cool wooded scenery, even stop for a picnic by a sparkling stream. Besides roads and quiet lanes, Exmoor has hundreds of miles of bridleways and roads used as public paths. Leaflets showing designated cycle routes are available

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